Make a First Impression That Matters


First impressions start with Vizmeg. Maintenance planning is the key factor in every gorgeous landscape. Your property is one of the most apparent components of your home environment, and the first aesthetic interaction your visitors experience.


We provide residential lawn maintenance and lawn care services that are more than mowing and fertilization. Keeping your lawn neat and green, vibrant, healthy, and free of weeds requires a tactical expertise. Our award-winning technicians are licensed specialists who formulate a unique care plan to provide regular lawn care services that ensure your landscape looks its best year-round.


Maintenance of your lawn is a necessary function that adds value to your surroundings and community. Regularly scheduled maintenance is an effective measure to ensure your lawn stays healthy and will not be damaged by seasonal changes.

Your Customized Maintenance Plan

Caring for your lawn is about so much more than just a mower. Proactive care designed to meet the needs of your lawn and its foliage is imperative. It requires a professional eye that can recognize issues with trees before they ever arise and deal with them accordingly. Personalized fertilization programs keep your lawn green and flowers in bloom longer. Our knowledge and experience make us uniquely qualified to develop and execute your customized maintenance plan.


A Great Look That Lasts

A well-maintained lawn only gets more beautiful with age. Regular care is essential to avoid re-dos that can add expense and detract from your home’s appeal. It can also prevent more serious long term and easy to miss issues such as erosion that could require significant repairs down the road.

Trust the Experts

Yard maintenance may seem simple, but it takes unique expertise to keep your lawn looking amazing instead of just adequate. Our award-winning, licensed technicians understand the art and science of creating a personalized care plan to give your lawn what it needs year-round to stay vibrant, healthy, and free of weeds.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Great

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Services We Offer

Whether you have an intimate garden or a sprawling property, here are just some of the services we can provide to give your lawn the care it deserves.

The foundation of nearly all landscaping is your turf. But it’s not just about keeping it short. Pleasing patterns and eye-catching attention to detail are what separates the typical yard from a lawn that inspires envy from your neighbors.

If your lawn is a canvas, mowing would be the broad strokes that fill the page, but edging makes up the tiny details that are the mark of a master. With careful precision, we create an edge that frames your yard and keeps the attention on your landscaping.

Keep trees, bushes and shrubs well-manicured to accentuate their appearance and keep your entire lawn in harmony.

From unexpected midsummer storms to autumn’s falling leaves, keep your lawn clear. It not only looks good, but also can keep your family safer.

Whether you have cool season grasses like tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass, or warm season grasses like bermudagrass and zoysiagrass, we can care for your lawn to keep it thick and strong each year or as needed.

Through pruning, you can promote healthy growth and ensure long-term structural integrity that will keep your trees and shrubs looking great for years to come.

Unique environmental factors in each lawn impact what your grass needs to stay healthy. We formulate a turf fertilization program unique to your needs.

From water needs to getting the right amount of sunlight, we can craft a program to keep your plants healthy.

Rock and mulch features can add eye-catching variety to your landscaping, framing unique elements and adding texture.

Nothing adds a blemish to your lawn like an outbreak of weeds. Keep them at bay so the focus can stay on what’s meant to be there.

Different plants require different amounts of water to stay healthy-make sure each element of your landscaping is getting watered correctly.

Don’t let the lights go out on your landscaping. We’ll make sure your lighting system stays in working order.

Often the highlight of landscaping, ensure your flower beds are regularly receiving the care they need to continue producing beautiful features.

Fend off those things that might wreak havoc on your landscaping, from a hidden fungus to a herd of deer.