At Vizmeg, our passion is creating outdoor spaces that are inspiring, functional, and sustainable. We are committed to putting your needs first and exceeding expectations. We are dedicated to creativity, finding unique solutions, and going beyond what’s been possible in the past. We are here to serve you, empower our employees, and improve our community.


Work with our team to put your vision on paper. We have decades of experience turning dreams into reality, and it all starts right here! You tell us what you want for your lawn, patio, or outdoor living space, and we will bring your vision to life.


Our expert team of skilled craftsmen will transform your property. We work in phases designed to promote efficiency and accuracy, so you get the best possible job in the quickest possible time. Our work is second to none.


In order to keep your lawn looking pristine year-round, you will need a personalized maintenance schedule. The same team that helped conceptualize your lawn or outdoor living space can help you organize a plan for maintaining it.

What We Do

As a full-service landscape company, we provide a wide range of services for both residential and commercial clients. From creating an amazing concept, mapping it out with 3D imaging software, building the space, and providing ongoing maintenance to keep it looking new, our goal is to bring outdoor spaces to life, no matter how big or small. Some of our main areas of expertise include:

When you walk into your backyard, what would you like to see? Whether your dream outdoor space includes a lush garden, outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, eye-catching water feature, or all of the above, our award-winning designers can work with you to turn your vision into the outdoor space of your dreams. 

An outdoor space is only as good as its upkeep. That’s why we’re committed to providing personalized maintenance programs tailored to your lawn’s unique needs. From basics like mowing and edging, to advanced care like custom fertilization programs and irrigation management, we offer expert care to keep your lawn looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Whether you run an office building in need of outdoor aesthetics, manage an apartment complex, or have a sports facility in need of championship-ready playing surfaces, we offer expert construction services to meet your needs. Your landscaping makes the initial impression for customers and can set the tone for an entire business relationship, so trust our experts to create something spectacular that will work hard for your business.

A great deal goes into operating your business day to day, and the same goes for keeping your landscaping looking great. Our experienced team can ensure your property is appealing year-round, from rotating flower beds, to pruning trees and shrubs, to debris cleanup after a summer storm. We will keep your property looking its best throughout the year.

Northeast Ohio winters can be brutal, but don’t let snow and ice hinder your ability to operate your business. We offer comprehensive winter weather services for before, during and after snow and ice hit. This winter, feel in control as we provide dedicated equipment and personnel to take care of your snow removal and relocation, de-icing, and more.

Why Work with Us?

For over 25 years, we have been committed to building an award-winning organization focused on creating and maintaining exceptional outdoor living spaces. We work to get to know every customer so that we can better understand your vision and make it a reality. We continually strive to be better, seeking out the latest technologies and methods. Whether your lawn is intimate or sprawling, what matters most is creating landscaping that brings your vision to life.