Setting the Scene

What image do you want to project when people approach your place of business for the first time? A clean-cut professional? A forward-thinking innovator? A place to call home? Landscaping is often thought of as something that should reside in the background, but we believe that great green spaces can make a statement and communicate who you are to the world. That’s why we offer commercial lawn and grounds maintenance that will keep your property looking beautiful.


Your Business Begins
with Landscaping

The first thing people encounter when they enter your business is your landscaping. Like a firm handshake or a nice suit, it makes an impression upon every visitor and lays the groundwork for the entire relationship. Don't let your business show up underdressed. Trust Vizmeg to keep it looking its best all year. We'll get to know your business and what you need your landscaping to accomplish – from safety, to accessibility, to making a statement. From there, our experts will develop a personalized maintenance program ideally suited to your needs.


Function and Form

Good landscaping should be both functional and inspiring. We understand that your business needs grounds that will help make business happen and improve the experience of everyone who encounters them. That's why our maintenance programs aren't just about making things look nice. We also want to create a pleasant experience that enables your business to excel and adds to the enjoyment of your customers, clients, and tenants.

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Your Business Beautification Partner

We’re here to help your business do better.
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Our Services

Whatever your business, we’re in the business of making you look good with our commercial landscape maintenance. Here are some of the services we offer:

Get started on the ground floor, with healthy, well-manicured turf setting the stage for your business’ landscaping.

Keep things looking sharp and clean with a weed control program developed specifically for your property’s needs.

Your landscaping shouldn’t just look good for a few weeks a year. By rotating what’s in bloom, you can stand out throughout the seasons

Well-maintained mulching is a simple way to keep your landscaping looking as good as the day it was installed .

Each property and every plant require unique fertilization needs. Our experts will develop a customized regimen design to keep your landscaping healthy and vibrant.

Encourage healthy growth while ensuring plants grow where they should with expert pruning.

Don’t let standing water or erosion wash away business. Ensure that water goes where it should in every season with effective drainage control.

When leaves start to fall, make sure your property continues to look its best, while also eliminating any potential slip-and-fall hazards from wet leaves.

Each new season brings unique needs for the plants on your property. Make sure your landscaping looks its best year-round.

Pests not only harm your landscaping, but can be a bother to your customers as well, so be sure to keep them under control.

Great landscaping starts with effective irrigation to keep your plants lively and working hard to make your business look good.

Show off everything you have to offer while helping customers get around safely and comfortably after dark.

Ready Before, During and After

Dealing with snow removal and other winter weather shouldn’t just be a reaction-we believe in a proactive approach to dealing with snow and ice. Before the last leaf of autumn falls, give us a call to prepare a plan for handling your business’ cold weather needs. Then, when snow is in the forecast, we can be ready to salt, plow, shovel and de-ice and have your roadways and walkways back open as soon as possible. And when an unexpected snow shower hits, we’re ready to respond quickly to keep your business running smoothly.

Don’t Let Snow Slow Your Business

When the winter weather hits, it can stop business in its tracks if your customers can’t get into your parking lot. But the next time snow and ice are in the forecast, we don’t think you should worry about whether your business should keep its doors unlocked. Our team of experts can develop a plan to help you combat frozen weather before, during and after every winter storm. So you’ll see a winter wonderland instead of dollars going down the drain.

On Call 24/7

Winter weather can strike when you least expect it, that’s why it’s essential to have a partner ready to help you deal with it any time, day or night. Our crew is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help keep your parking lot and sidewalks safe-whether it’s a midday flurry or overnight ice storm. So as soon as you see a snowflake, give us a call for service to protect your employees and customers.

Strategy Against Snow

Handling snow and ice isn’t just about a shovel and some salt-we believe that when you go into winter with a game plan, you can have a more enjoyable season with less downtime due to slippery surfaces. Our expert team can coordinate a strategy customized for your property’s needs, equipping our highly trained staff to provide unparalleled service.

Say No to Snow

Be ready to handle snow and ice with a comprehensive winter weather plan.


24-Hour Snow and Ice Management

Whenever a winter storm hits, we’re ready to get your parking lot and sidewalks clear. We’re on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to prepare for what’s coming or respond to what wasn’t expected.

Dedicated Site Equipment

Don’t worry about whether a plow will be available to clear your property with equipment dedicated to your location, ensuring that we’ll always be ready to respond.

Dedicated Site Personnel

Your business has unique needs year-round, but especially when it comes to responding to winter weather. With dedicated personnel, you can trust that the team working on your property will know what to prioritize and what special needs matter to you.